Sunday, September 30, 2007

Training Log - September 24th - 30th, 2007

Weekly Summary
Total Miles: 28.3
It was an interesting week as the ankle really has taken a turn for the better. Pressing just below my ankle no longer causes any pain. I am keeping my ankle wrapped at all times, except when I'm sleeping, to be safe. It was also kind of a tough week to get out and do my runs. Two days where I had planned on running in the evening were effected by family needs, and with my trainer gone on vacation I didn't get in the usual pilates reformer session that really helps keep me loose and flexible, and I think that kind of put me a little off center.

One more week till the marathon! I probably won't do anything much different in the coming week, running wise, since I don't feel the need to taper from basically doing very little. I will concentrate on getting my sleep and hydrating during the week. I'm excited for next Sunday but also anticipate that its going to be a little uncomfortable in the later miles due to lack of long run time on my feet. I really have to be patient with my pacing....boy that's going to be hard!

Monday - 3.1
Treadmill at health club. Another fun day on the treadmill. No ill effects from yesterday's 10 mile tempo run. :-)

Tuesday - 0
Unexpected day off. Family drama in the evening kept me at home. Ugh.

Wednesday - 5
Northwest Side Run Shortened. Things continue to feel good as ankle is barely talking. I'm keeping things wrapped just to be safe.

Thursday - 0
Little boy sick and I was exhausted. Even missed piano lessons today :-(

Friday - 4.9
River Run. Nice beautiful evening run.

Saturday - 7.5
Things felt oddly difficult today. Ran with Church guys. Miss my pilates instructor as she is on vacation, maybe that's why my hips and hamstrings feel tight and out of sorts.

Sunday - 7.80.
Run with Dan. Better than yesterday but still feel tight and not very smooth.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Trailer - The Spirit of the Marathon

Will give you chills! Found this on another runner's blog and I had to post it too.

More info just in!

This film will be shown at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 5th! One of the Chicago Endurance Sports members is in the movie. Here's a link with schedule and ticket purchase info:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brian Gaines Race Walks the Fox Cities Marathon

Fellow ChiaDead Brian Gaines (a.k.a "Leadfoot") completed the Fox Cities Marathon on September 23 by race walking the entire distance! He finished the course in an average mile time of 13:22 finishing in 5:49:56. Not an easy "feet" to walk so fast for so long. (puns are just a riot aren't they?)

With no foot pain resulting from this race we are all confident that at Brian's next check up with the podiatrist he will get the okay to get back to RUNNING marathons.

Way to go Brian!

Not sure if he will post a race report to his blog but if you want to check out his blog its at

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Training Log - September 17 thru 23 - 2007

Weekly Summary
Total Miles - 27.5
During this week the ankle really started improving dramatically and then I was stupid enough to do a run on friday without any brace and it hurt the rest of the day. On a good note I was good enough to do a 10 mile tempo run (what I normally would do two weeks out from the marathon). I needed to see where I was at condition wise after all these weeks of limited running and no hard workouts. I was thinking that staying under 7:30 pace would be tough but I was pleasantly surprised to be able to average 6:52 a mile. My running partner rode his bike part of the way and was able to help monitor my workout. He said my form looked great and that I was running well. Great to hear as working on my form has been something I've really been concentrating on for the last few years.

I am considering running the marathon on October 7th to get my Boston qualifier in. I won't be able to "race" it but based on strength alone the qualifying time of 3:50 should be do-able. I will go for 3:25. I will see how things look the week of the marathon.

Monday - 3
Time 12noon.
Warmed up on the eliptical and it really felt awkward, I then went outside. Kind of tough in the city with red lights all the time but I took it real easy and the ankle faired okay. It actually felt better a few hours after the run, didn't swell.

Tuesday - 2.6
Time 7:15 pm.
Run 15 min prior to pilates session and then run home after.
7:30pm - Pilates session
Really hammered out a great session

Wednesday - 3.1
Time 12 noon, 31 minutes
Nice and easy 5k on the treadmill at work. Today I only wore the ankle brace during my run. Things are really starting to feel better :-)


Friday - 6.8
Northwest Side Loop at 05:00 am with Dan.
Ran without a brace since the ankle was feeling so good but it was a mistake and it hurt most of the rest of the day. Back to running with a brace on.

Saturday - 2
6:50am - run 15 min prior to pilates session and then run home after.
7am - Pilates session

Sunday - 10
Time 7am/ 1:08:48 (6:52/mile).
Tempo 10 miler.
Ankle was sore to start but warmed up after a few miles. I set out to do a steady tempo 10 miler to see what kind of shape I was in for the marathon. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought staying under 7:30 might be tough but I averaged 6:53. Splits: 1 - 7:41 (ankle sore needed to warm up, partner needed to warm up too), 2 -3: 14:23, 4 - 6:49; 5 - 6:40; 6 - 6:28, (at this point I pulled back a bit as I was getting faster than aerobic pace and I wanted to stay true to keeping it a tempo pace); 7 - 6:43; 8 - 6:43; 9 - 6:42; 10 - 6:35.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Training Log September 10th - 16th, 2007

Weekly Summary
Total Miles: 22.3
Well it was an up and down week with the ankle business. Some days it felt better, other days it just hurt and I needed to keep my ankle support on all day. I think this coming week I'm going to start incorporating more biking and/or eliptical training to keep myself moving and in some sort of shape as I feel like that is sliding away fast on me. I joined the health club here at work so that will give me access to the equipment I need. "Keep it moving" will be my motto and soon I hope to be able to run full strength again. :-)

Anyway its hard to be down when its CROSS COUNTRY SEASON. I love cross country and I'm a total junkie when it comes to following the high school team results!! With many friends serving as coaches at the high school level I kind of have a vested interest and I get all the "news". Love it!

Monday - 0
Elected day off

Tuesday - 3.73
am: A lot of ankle pain to start, warmed up during the run but I had to hobble around corners. Ankle did well the rest of the day with only slight soreness.
pm: pilates. Great session.

Wednesday - 3.73
Same-o same-o

Thursday - 0
Elected day off

Friday - 4.8
Ankle did much better on this treadmill. Improvement continues but slowly.

Saturday - 0
Elected day off

Sunday - 10
am: Time: 1:18:59 (7:53 min/mile). Ran with Dan. The usual, ankle hurts, then warms up, then hurts etc. Limping around turns etc. Ran with my ankle brace on. No change in ankle through rest of the day.
pm: 8 miles of biking riding with the family.


The latest news on Jenny, taken from the hospital care pages web site...

Tonight Jenny was moved from ICU to 5NW Room 18 at Froedtert Hospital. This is an important milestone reached by Jenny. Jenny will been taken off all of her antibiotics by Wednesday indicating that her infection has been successfully addressed. For the third straight day Jenny’s eyes are open and moving. She seems to be showing increased eye movement and is occasionally following objects around the room. Jenny is also beginning to exhibit some muscle resistance in her arms when her family is helping her with range of motion therapy.

Jenny’s family is deeply appreciative of the entire care team in the ICU. Please join in thanking the medical team for their outstanding treatment of Jenny.

Yesterday Briggs and Al’s Run occurred on the streets of Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the event reported it this way: “Jenny Crain wasn't there Saturday to defend the title she has won the past two years at the Briggs and Al's Run and Walk for Children's Hospital. But her spirit was certainly in attendance. Crain, the well-known Milwaukee marathoner, remains in critical condition at Froedtert Hospital, where she has been since Aug. 21. On that day, Crain was hit by an automobile in Milwaukee while on a training run. Crain, 39, who had been given a strong chance of making the 2008 United States Olympic team, is suffering from head, jaw and neck injuries. The three-time winner of the 8-kilometer Al's Run's was in the hearts and minds of many of the competitors and spectators at the event, which is in its 30th year. "I have never run in this event before, but I wanted to be here today for Jenny," said women's winner Bethany Brewster, 27, a six-time All-American runner at the University of Wisconsin from Madison. "It felt good to come out here and race for her." Many of the runners and spectators wore "Make it happen" T-shirts supporting Crain. Al's Run organizers gave space to the Crain supporters to sell the T-shirts, the proceeds of which will be used to help defray her medical costs.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Training Log September 3rd - 9th, 2007

Weekly Summary
Total Miles: 41.5
With my knee issue finally resolved I had hoped to put in a stronger week starting with the Park Forest 10 miler as a hard workout. My daughter became ill the night before the race so I didn't race but that was probably good as my ankle that had been mildly sore through my whole knee issue was starting to take front and center on the pain scale. I had also hoped to finish the week out with a 20 miler as my marathon is just about a month away. That too didn't come to pass as I only did 10 due to the pain in my ankle. I still did manage to put in just over 40 miles this week and I'm pretty convinced the ankle thing is either really bad tendonitis or its just strained from the race and hasn't healed or both. I'm currently wrapping my ankle and it is improving slowly and I'll keep the mileage low and schedule cross training for some of my days next week. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing my marathon this year as I am woefully behind on my long runs and I'm not doing anything close to the amount of work I feel I needed to get done during these last few weeks. I'm okay with that and I'm going to focus on getting these injuries healed so I can get back to full training again. :-) I've got to be healed enough to run around at the Chicago marathon cheering on my friends :-)!!

Monday - 7
Had to back out today's race but in late afternoon I attempted a tempo run. I ran mostly in the 8:10 - 18:15's and it was very hot. It was a lot more work than it should have been. Definitely lost some conditioning over the last few weeks, but it was a good start as my first harder effort since all this knee business started.

Tuesday - 0
Work and family issues

Wednesday - 6
Easy run with Dan. Now he's the one with knee issues. I ran the last two without him. :-( Ankle really starting to talk a lot. Dan talked to me a little about how to tape my ankle for extra support.

Thursday - 6.1
50 minutes. Too hot to run outside for what I wanted to be a hard effort. Warm up 20 minutes, 3 x 6' with 2' easy run, run easy remainder of time. 6' intervals were done at 8.3 mph (7:13m/mi) 0 grade, and warm-up/cool down/recovery was done at 7mph 2 percent grade. I was pretty tired and the first 6' effort was very uncomfortable but the next two were much better. A few hours later my ankle was just screaming at me. Running on 2 percent grade probably wasn't such a hot idea. Ice and took some ibuprofen.

Friday - 7.5
With ankle wrapped very nicely I was able to put in a longer run and an easy tempo.

Saturday - 4.9
Time: 40:02 - 8:10m/mi. Ran a faster tempo today but it felt like more work than it should have been. Ankle wrapped well

Sunday - 10
Time 1:19:45 - 7:58m/mi. I decided to end this run with Dan at 10 miles to be safe. The ankle really hurt at the start and then would warm up, then would start hurting again etc. It was a good 10 miler at a good pace that didn't feel sub 8 at all.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Off Injury List

So I went to my PCP on August 29th to have my knee checked out. Of course knowing this wasn't a sports doctor I was not optimistic that I was going to get what I needed without
"defending" my status as a runner.

Well doctor comes in and immediately gives me the impression that he wanted to be done for the day. Well excuse me but if I could go home whenever I felt like it ... Anyway he listens to my story and then says he's no fan of running. Okay now this is getting worse...until he admits he's a fair weather runner and has knee issues of his own. He's still giving me some attitude but proceeds to try and twist my knee in all sort of weird ways to try and get it to hurt and he couldn't. Okay so now I look like I'm complaining about nothing.

He tells me that in his opinion it is nothing but a strain but if not that then it would be a meniscus issue but I needed to give it more time. He feels I shouldn't be taking big chunks of time off but run a little everyday to keep the joint moving. I kind of look at him but I don't say anything. He is going to do me the "favor" of putting in the paperwork to get an MRI and if in two weeks I still "insist" that my knee hurts I can go ahead and make the appointment with the specialist.

Success!! I totally was okay with waiting a bit longer since it had been getting better but happy with the path cleared to move on if the problem did not resolve itself.

Long story short. My knee doesn't hurt anymore and the insurance rejected the request for the MRI anyway. Insurance wanted me to see an orthopedic first which would have been fine with me but kind of assumed that an orthopedic had to be the one to do the MRI anyway so if he didn't feel I needed one I wouldn't have gotten one. Whatever.

So now I can concentrate on complaining about my left ankle which hasn't stopped hurting since the damn race! This is a pretty common problem for me for decades as my feet are the perfect example of completely and utterly flat with the added bonus of a bunion on my left foot. Never stopped my training - mostly aches a lot.

I'm feeling pretty out of synch with my training because of the time spent on this stupid injury so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I'm contemplating scheduling a later marathon but many are already closed. We will see.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Runner Girl - Janeth