Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jenny Crain Making Great Improvements!

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It’s been over four months since Jenny’s accident which occurred on August 21, 2007. While the first three months showed positive but slow change, in the last few weeks Jenny has taken significant strides forward in her recovery.

On December 23rd, Jenny spoke for the first time saying both her name and Merry Christmas! Since that time, she has also recited the days of the week, the months of the year and has read the time off the clock on the wall of her room. She has verbally recognized her mom and other family members, an incredible Christmas gift to all! While her speaking is whisper-like at this time, her care staff assures us that this is a natural starting point in terms of talking.

Another significant step in Jenny’s recovery is her ability to take a few steps with the help of her physical therapists. She is spending three hours a day in various therapy sessions and is also staying awake for a majority of the day.

Jenny’s trach was removed in early December providing her better mobility of her head and neck, however, she continues to be dependent on a feeding tube for nutrition. Her ability to eat will determine the timeline for removal of the feeding tube. A main focus for therapy is her mouth and jaw in an effort to increase muscular strength and mobility in these areas.

Jenny and her family continue to offer all of you our gratitude and thanks for your ongoing support. We feel a great sense of hope as we turn the calendar to 2008…Happy New Year!