Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A great big thanks!

A great big thanks to everyone who went out to view our entry in Nike's Believe in the Run contest, voted for us and helped us spread the word.

The contest allowed photo and video entries with awards given to each category. Our video finished in the top spot for all video entries and was 4th overall. It is now up to a panel of Nike judges to decide who will win in the video and photo categories. The score depended on votes, viewings, reviews left, and how "viral" the entry was. We were able to score points with viewing and votes coming from Europe, Asia and Africa, along with all the votes from the United States.

It was exciting to watch the video climb up the ranks but I'm glad its finally over so I can stop being so nervous :-)

A very special thanks to the following people:
My husband for helping me with footage, especially the sunset runs, and his never ending efforts to spread the word among his "non" running friends. The JustImagine site showed almost 5 thousand hits after they put up a link to our video.

My daughter for her ideas and willingness to be in my video project

AND drum roll here....
to Wendy, with great appreciation and admiration, for putting the bug in my ear about the contest and giving all her talents into putting the footage, photos, and voice over elements together in a way that truly represented the message I wanted to deliver combined with her own love of THE RUN. It wasn't just my story!

Have a great day everyone and I will let everyone know when the final results come out

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Believe in the Run - We are Back On!

My friend Wendy and I put together a great clip for Nike's Believe in the Run contest. We ran into a problem when we realized that the original song used violated copyright laws so we had to scramble to replace the soundtrack. Unfortunately we have to start all over from 0 votes.

Please help us by clicking below, watching the clip and voting for us. Tell everyone you know and have them do the same! You can vote daily. I recently found out that leaving a review helps our score as if you have time...leave a review :-)

My special thanks to Wendy for helping me tell why I Believe In the Run

Please hurry the contest ends April 28th!


Janeth & Wendy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Boston Bound

It's hard to believe that its been a year since I had the honor of running Boston! I'm not going this year but I want to wish all my friends who are going.

Katie Owens (bib number 14158) ~ making her return appearance to Boston after running a PR 3:34:58 last year. Always humble Katie isn't making any claims of a great race ahead...WHATEVER...she will do fabulous as usual.

Val Trax Hattabaugh(bib number 18614) - is making her first appearance at Boston using her one and only marathon time from the 2007 Chicago Heat-athon - 3:47:57. A Boston qualifier the first time out! I immediately worked on convincing this "one marathon and I'm done" girl to go to Boston. Obviously she wasn't sold on it fast enough to run in 2008 but was able to enter the 2009 race. I'm excited to see how she does and I'm so glad she decided to run a marathon one more time.

John Garcia (bib number 8563) - the running news guy, see his blog is headed to Boston this year as well. Training has gone well and he's on a high after welcoming his fourth daughter into this world just recently.

Dick Pond Racing Team - Fast feet to all the members of my racing team that will be running Boston this year. Represent our team and sponsor with pride!

Remember all runners can be tracked during the race. Go to on race day. Click on the links that will only be visible on race day and by using their bib number you will be able to see every 5k split.

It's going to be hard to concentrate on work that day :-)

Run smart! Run fast! Enjoy!!