Monday, July 30, 2007

Training Log - July 23 thru July 29 - 2007

Monday - 8
7:45 pm. Time: 1:06:07 (8:15/mile).
Started out okay but by the end my calves and achilles really were tight.
Splits: 1 - 8:24; 2 - 8:05; 3 - 8:16; 4 - 8:10; 5 - 8:14; 6 - 8:14; 7 - 8:19; 8 - 8:21

Tuesday - 4
8:30 pm. Run 1.45 before pilates and then finished up the rest after. Run to pilates felt like crap! I've had stomach issues all day and calf and achilles were so so tight. Much better after pilates session!! Thank you trainer Jen!

Wednesday - 9
4:45 am. Time: 1:15:28 (8:23/mile).
Warm up, quarter repeat simulation 16 x 90" with 1' recovery jog between each, 4' jog recovery after the 16 "quarters", 1 x 6' hard effort, cool down. Calves and achilles much much better. Leg turnover wasn't the greatest so things stayed at moderate effort but it was a relief to not have my achilles and calves hurt anymore. Workout done as a continuous run. Splits: 1 - 9:14, 2 - 9:08; 3 - 8:09, 4 - 8:07; 5 - 8:04; 6 - 8:25; 7 - 8:02; 8 - 7:43; 9 - 8:38.

Thursday - 9
7:30pm. Time: 1:15:45 (8:25/mile).
Continuing stomach problems so I had to make a quick stop at the library. Run a little labored but it was also warm. Splits: 1 - 8:47; 2 - 8:20; 3 - 8:25; 4 - 8:15; 4.47 - 3:38 (potty stop, turn off garmin), 5.47 - 8:19; 6.47 - 8:28; 7.47 - 8:25; 8.47 - 8:21; 9 - 4:42.

Friday - 6.8
5:00 am.
Easy paced run.

Saturday - 7.63
8:00 am. Time: 1:06:17 (8:41/mile).
Pretty tired after a tough pilates session. Ran into pregnant friend pushing her baby jogger and I spent a little while run/chatting with her before moving on. Splits: 1 - 7:42; 2 - 8:23; 3 - 8:33; 4 - 8:22; 5 - 8:20; 6 - 8:17; 7 - 8:42; 7.63 - 8:07.

Sunday - 17
7:45 am. Time: 2:18:22 (8:08/mile).
All running partners gone I had to face this run on my own and I was kind of bummed as I really hate running long by myself but it needed to get done so out the door I went. From the first few minutes I knew it was going to be a good day. Course was rolling hills with it being harder in the second half.
I used today's run to experiment with different energy gels and hydration to see what I might start leaning to for the marathon in October. I used GU, shot blocks, Accelerade, and plain water. Every half hour I took something and plenty of water. Turns out that I get more from GU then from the shot blocks but I'm not sure on the Accelerade vs plain water. Will play with that next time.
Splits 1 - 8:29; 2 - 8:08; 3 - 8:10; 4 - 8:14; 5 - 7:51; 6 - 8:21; 7 - 8:20; 8 - 8:15; 9 - 8:05; 10 - 8:00; 11 - 8:00; 12 - 8:07; 13 - 7:54; 14 - 8:04; 15 - 8:11; 16 - 8:06; 17 - 8:10.

Weekly Summary
Total Miles: 61.4 miles

Kind of a hard week as I was fighting stomach/intestinal issues all week. Nothing bad enough to keep me down but a drain most of the week. The week did end up good as I finally got better and I had a solid long run on Sunday and I just popped over 60 miles for the week. I plan on working next week very hard before backing off again for Chicago Distance Classic on Aug 12th.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hawkeye Head Women's Track Coach Loses Two-Year Battle With Cancer

James Grant, head track coach at Iowa, died on Monday morning at his home. Coach Grant started at Iowa in 1986 when I was just a freshman. Although my time at Iowa was not a happy time I do remember Coach Grant fondly. He started as the assistant coach and his responsibilities were to the sprinters on our team, therefore he wasn't my coach. He was well liked and I enjoyed the few conversations I had with him. His Jamaican accent was priceless! My favorite memory was when for some reason, and I'm not 100% sure why, he needed someone to drive his BEAUTIFUL sports car from some parking lot to the field house but I think he needed to remain on the bus with the rest of the team. He didn't really know me well but I was the only girl on the team who knew how to drive a stick shift and I volunteered. He was SO nervous, I could have sworn he was shaking when he gave me the keys, but I made it safely (even up that crazy hill that passes the dorms and leads up to the fieldhouse)...and it was a beautiful car!

My prayers to his family, and all the athletes that have had the honor of working closely with him. I wish I could have been one of those athletes.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Training Log - July 16 thru July 22 - 2007

Monday - 8.21
4:45 am. Time: 1:12:23 (8:48/mile).
Partner was a no show but I ignored my desire to just go back to bed and went out the door. Not such a great night of sleep so I felt and ran pretty slow. Splits: 1 - 9:21; 2 - 8:58; 3 - 8:46; 4 - 8:44; 5 - 8:47; 6 - 8:48; 7 - 8:37; 8 - 8:32; 8.21 - 1:47.

Tuesday - 9.45
7PM. Time: 1:13:31 (7:46/mile).
Mile "simulation" repeats. Warm up 1.5, 5 x (6' broken out this way: 2' @ tempo, 2' @10K pace, 2' @ 5K pace; 2' jog recover between each), 4' recovery jog before this one - 1 x 6' hard effort. Cool down.
Mile simulation workouts are hard to do on my own but surprisingly I felt strong and smooth. No indication of thursday's race left in my legs. Repeat number 5 wavered a little but probably because I knew the 6th repeat at hard effort was next. Entire workout done as a continuous run.

Wednesday - 6.80
7pm. Pea soup outside really struggled during the run. Had stomach problems.

Thursday - 4.90
5am. I felt terribly today. Running partners no shows again but I still went out that door. Humidity is still high.

Friday - 4.90 miles.
Felt better than the previous two days. Temps are much cooler now also. Should be good for race day tomorrow. Also did 6 strides afterwards. Calves are tight and right achilles is sore.

Saturday - 12
Warm up 2 miles plus strides and drills. Race Xtreme 10 Miler Waterfall Glen. 10 miles. Time: 1:06:55 (6:41/mile). 5th Overall and 2nd 40 - 45 AG.
Splits: 1 - 6:31, 2 - 6:28, 3 - 6:49, 4 - 6:51, 5 - 6:50, 6 - 6:43, 7 - 6:36, 8 - 6:39, 9 - 6:37, 10 - 6:47. Not the best of races but a good solid tempo over a hilly course. Problems with calves and right achilles worse now. Iced and took some ibuprofen. See race report for full details.

Sunday - 0
Planned day off of running, race recovery day. Rode bikes with the family over 7.6 miles. Calves and achilles just as tight as can be, its hard to ignore. More ice and ibuprofen.

Weekly Summary:
Total miles: 46.3 miles
This was a tough week for some reason. I didn't feel well most of the week, I had trouble dealing with the humidty and I wasn't sleeping well. Tuesday's workout really took more out of me than I had expected and my saturday race was solid but below what I had hoped for considering the break through effort I had at Bastille Day. Well weeks like this happen and its time to buckle down again for the next two weeks to prepare for Chicago Distance Classic. I need to get this calf and achilles thing resolved so I will prepare a plan for training but I will evaluate day by day what can or cannot be done. I don't think I actually injured a muscle as much as I need to get these muscles stretched out after these last two big races and all the hill running on saturday.

Race Report - Xtreme 10 Miler @ Waterfall Glen - July 21 2007

Xtreme 10 Miler, July 21 2007, 8am
5th Overall
2nd 40 - 45 AG

Xtreme 10 miler is a great race run through Waterfall Glen in Darien, IL. Many of us like to train there because its really a great preserve with a great crushed limestone path and plenty of hills to give a long run something a little extra! This year was the 4th running of this race and gaining in popularity as it is now a CARA circuit race.

For some reason I just didn't feel very enthused about the race this year. I don't feel like I did very well last year when I came here tapered and rested and spent the last half of the race running "backwards" as I was constantly passed - somehow that bad feeling still hung on me. I also came to the race this year planning on this race being more of a "B" race as I wanted to train through this a little because the Chicago Distance Classic Half coming up in August is of more importance to me. This was a scheduled race on my Dick Pond racing team circuit so I was committed to run.

Temps were perfect for today's race and my general plan would be to go out very conservatively and get through the early hills (including "Big Bertha" starting somewhere after the 2 mile marker and ending after the 3 mile marker), then see what I could lay down in the second half of the race. Nell Shields, Christen Meyer, Jenni Goebel, Gert August, and Rachele Hegele from my team plus Suzanne Ryan currently taking no prisoners in any race she has entered this year were present and ready to race.

My friend Jenny Garrison showed up to warm up with me, I did my drills and strides and joined my teammates to the cross country style start at far end of a big field. We talked among ourselves as to what we were going to try for, we wished each other well and we lined up. The gun goes off for this elite wave (3 waves altogether, elite, open men, open women). I went out really easy as the footing is pretty bad and within less than 2 minutes the race narrows onto a small dirt trail and passing is absolutely impossible. That lasted maybe 40 seconds or so and then we are on the main trail and I was able to get settled.

First mile 6:31. That's great I thought since I was really running comfortably and mile two was 6:28. I can see about 3 women ahead of me but I resist the urge to speed up and pass since I know "Big Bertha" is coming up and I had a feeling they were going to come back to me anyway. Insert evil chuckle here. ;-)

Big Bertha comes up, I keep my steps quick and efficient and I don't worry about speed here. There a few level offs during Big Bertha's ascent and I put in little pushes here and I've got my 3 women passed by the end. I thought I would have held out until after Big Bertha but they came back sooner than I had thought and I just went with it. Miles 3 - 6:49, 4 - 6:51, 5 - 6:50. Big Bertha may be big but its really only the start of a series of hills over the rest of the course that definitely brings up the mile splits.

After mile 5 during one of the sharper turns I catch a glimpse of the woman behind me and its Gert one my teammates and also a masters runner. Okay its time to start moving I think to myself, if she hangs with me fine, she's a teammate, but she's going to have to come with me cause I'm not playing anymore. Do I really say these things to myself when I race?....Yup, I'm a dork. The next splits are 6 - 6:43, 7 - 6:36, 8 - 6:39, 9 - 6:37. All hilly but I'm no longer easing up the hills as I concentrate on pulling in as many people as I can. I'm starting to feel significant tightness in my right achilles, in both calves, and I'm fighting off a side stitch (ugh!). I keep the side stitch under control (but it never goes away) and I keep plugging away.

Okay its mile 10. I try to drop the hammer as I only have half a mile before we leave the main trail, run the narrow dirt trail, and re-enter the field and going back to dealing with tall grass and bad footing for about half a mile. I enter the field and surprise of all surprises I hear Andy's voice and my children yelling "Go Mommy!" I had left them all sleeping in their beds this morning!! Even though I'm struggling to keep my pace going though the rough field I do my best to look good for the kids and I give them a quick smile. Mile 10 - 6:47. I finish 2nd Masters runner and 5th overall in 1:06:54. Christen Meyer grabs 1st and Gert grabs 3rd in our age group. Christen ran fast enough to finish in the top 3 overall, very impressive. Suzanne Ryan wins the race easily. My little girl Kyla is the first to give me a hug and offer me a bottle of water. "Mommy you have to drink," she insists. :-) Andy and Erik come next and I'm so happy to see my family.

Initially I was pretty disapointed with my time. Its about what I ran last year and I had thought I could do better even with a more relaxed strategy this year. After another look it turned out to be a nice solid tempo race with the hills I really needed for my training on a beautiful day in a beautiful place with lots of company! :-) I didn't have a super high mileage week but I had put in a really hard tuesday night workout and a solid week and wasn't as rested as I was last year when I really put out all I no grumpy face allowed for this race. Will just have to come back next year?? :-)

Splits: 1 - 6:31, 2 - 6:28, 3 - 6:49, 4 - 6:51, 5 - 6:50, 6 - 6:43, 7 - 6:36, 8 - 6:39, 9 - 6:37, 10 - 6:47.

Next race Chicago Distance Classic, August 12th

Peace everyone,

Runner Girl

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Training Log July 9 - July 15 - 2007

Monday - 0
Planned Day Off

Tuesday - 4.9
5:10am. 43:40/ 8:54 a mile. Grumpy. Annoyed by having to run alone and annoyed that evening was going to be so booked up that I can't run in the evning. I hope I'm not grumpy like this all day.

Wednesday - 4.25
Easy run. River/Oakton route plus strides after. Feeling great, rested, smooth and strong. Strides felt "race" ready. There's a good race in me wanting to come out! :-)

Thursday - 6.41
7:30 PM. Bastille Day 5k. First race as a masters runner. Warm up 1.5 miles plus strides and drills, race which turned out to be 2.91 miles, and cool down 2 miles. Race time 16:55, estimated 18:01 5k time, first woman overall. I haven't won a race in such a long time I almost forgot what it was like! Dave Schaefers helped with pacing providing almost continual positive words the entire race and I pulled this time right out of my @ss! Love ya Dave!!! I haven't run under 18:40 in YEARS! I'm so pumped! What a blast being with my friends from work, husband running the race too, and a cool $250 gift certificate to NikeTown. I was just drooling over their stuff when I was there to get the race packets. Looks like its time to go SHOPPING!! Team finishes 6th out of 48. Very cool. See Race Reports for full details.

Friday - 0
Planned day off. Old lady needs a day to recover.

Saturday - 5.9
Easy run. 51:12 (8:40/mile). All seems to be well (no back pain, no quad pain, etc) but I do feel very flat. Splits: 1 - 8:39; 2 - 8:37; 3 - 8:22; 4 - 8:42 starting to peter out a bit; 5 - 8:48, 5.9 - 8:01

Sunday - 10.38
Went to the Morton Arboretum to get in a beautiful long run with some good hills. Run went okay but my legs still feel heavy with thursday's race. My ankles and lower calf feel a little beat up from racing in my "go fast" shoes which of course have little to no real support. 1:25:41 (8:15/mile). Splits: 1 - 8:51; 2 - 8:24; 3 - 8:13; 4 - 8:04; 5 - 8:11; 6 - 7:52; 7 - 8:15; 8 - 7:53; 9 - 8:10; 10 - 8:32; 10.38 - 3:16.

Weekly Summary
Total Miles : 31.8
This has been such a good week for me. I couldn't be more excited about thursday's race. To be able to race on that edge again felt like something from a life time ago. To have an old running friend just show up and pace me, to put all his energy in supporting my effort and telling me afterwards that he owed me at least that for the support I showed him when he was just starting out really opened my eyes. I had no idea that I had had that effect on him. I am truly grateful that just going about my everyday business of training during that time that I was able to help someone, even if I didn't know I was and then having it come back to me years and years later....interesting how things work, eh? Well I must move forward now to next week. I'm going to see if I can put in one really hard effort, some moderate runs and a pull back in preparation for saturday's Xtreme 10 miler at Waterfall Glen. Its a tough course and a race I did especially poorly at last year. Let's see what I can do to turn that around. If I'm not too beat up I will try to tack on some more miles after the race.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Race Report - Bastille Day 5k July 12, 2007

Bastille Day 5k
Thursday July 12, 2007
1st Overall Female
Corporate Team 6th out of 48 teams.

Hi Everyone! Well another race, another race report. This one is for the Bastille Day 5k which I ran with my co-workers from NFA. This included fellow ChiaDeads Kelly, Brian, and Paul. This was to be my first race as a masters runner as I turned 40 on June 9th.

Its been a number of months since I've done a 5K and things have really changed since then. I've been training more consistently and with a new positive attitude and I just had this feeling that perhaps I was due for a breakout race soon... I really wanted to do well so I really cut back this week and focused on getting my sleep. I was excited also to be running with a lot of my co-workers and even my husband would be running instead of at home watching the kids. The run I did Wednesday evening was effortless and the strides I did afterwards felt "race ready". I was excited but I didn't want to say too much to anyone...."don't advertise just deliver" an old coach of mine used to say. I did look at last year's results and I'd thought that a top 3 - 5 finish would probably be most realistic but I knew that I was going to fight for something even better.

Well I woke up at 4am to take the car into work so that we (hubby and I) could easily get home after the race. I left the house at 5am, got cash, got gas and was in a parking lot at Monroe and Des Plaines by 5:45am and at my desk at 6am. Then started the long day of trying not to think about the race and do my work. It was so hard. I would be typing and then I would think about hitting my splits and my heart would start racing and I couldn't remember what I was supposed to be doing. Finally the end of the work day came and I got dressed and Andy, fellow ChiaDead Paul, and I started the walk to the car to drop off our stuff and then continue on to the race area. I felt better to be moving and although it was a tad warmer than I thought it would be, it wasn't the oppressive heat of earlier in the week, thank God for that!! We got to the race area and soon after the rest of the crew showed up. Fellow ChiaDeads Kelly and Brian ("Bootsie") were there. Due to Brian's stress fracture he planned on walking the course with his big boot on. Also in our group were many of our co-workers.

I started an easy warm up around 6:40pm since I just couldn't stand around anymore. I did my drills around 7pm and then I headed for the start to jog and get ready to do some strides. I was feeling really focused and just wanted this race to start. I was hanging around the start and I bumped into Dave Schaefers. Brother of Ann Schaefers-Coles one of my training partners when I was training for the '96 Olympic trials. I first met him after the trials and he worked out with our club for a few years until I went off to have kids. He was too late to sign up so he offered to pace me and I was totally for that. Oooo I thought I'm really gonna run fast now knowing he would help me to keep myself together mentally through the whole race. I knew I could take some chances with an aggressive pace now. I thought perhaps there were 2 -3 women warming up that looked like they would be my primary challenge. Dave and I talked about what I wanted my opening mile to be, we did our strides and lined up.

Gun goes off. I pick a pace thats not crazy but is definitely on the aggressive side. Mile 5:48, fast but I feel good. I'm breathing hard but the legs are going strong so I just keep at it. Dave is around giving positive comments almost continually. His voice kept my concentration on nothing but the race. We approach the 2 mile and it beyond fast, like world record fast, damn the 2 mile was short, I didn't bother to take a split it wouldn't have meant anything. At this point Dave informs me that there isn't a woman in sight behind me. I decided that I had the luxury to gamble a little so I dig even harder for mile 3 clock. The 3 mile clock gives up a total time of 16:18, again not anything realistic but I just feel it, I know we are cooking so I just keep it going. In this race the finish line is hidden behind a turn (I hate finish lines like that as the sight of that finish line works so well for me when I'm driving for home) so I do what I can to really dig down deep with no finish line in sight. We round the corner and I finish first woman overall with a 16:55.

Dave and I recover and give each other a look concerning the finish time. Short we both say but I'm happy. I tell him I will gps the course and figure out the mile pace and extrapolate what a full 5k would have been. I thank him profusely for all his help and he says he owed it to me for the years I encouraged him during workouts and smacked him around everytime he started to whine and complain (I'm not very tolerant of that especially when I'm working on ignoring my own fatigue). Well I didn't think he owed me anything but he definitely was instrumental in helping me race like I haven't in YEARS. We did a cool down, I said goodbye and I went to meet up with my team.

I ran into Kelly and Paul. Paul's GPS said 2.91 for the distance. Later that evening using I came up with the very same distance. Kelly and Paul had run great times but were understandably a little miffed about the distance being wrong. I had a feeling once we figured out the average mile paces using the correct distances and then using that to figure out a 5k time that they would be happy. The course was a flat as you can get without stepping on a track, it would be hard not to run a good time. :-)

Once I was home I verified the course distance, figured out my average mile pace of 5:48 which is about a 18:01 5k. I was so excited and really pleased. For years I've been running anywhere from 18:40 - 18:55 and just couldn't seem to get back down any further. Finally, and without a coach. I guess I made the right decision back in January to step back and let go of my coach for a while. The next day both Kelly and Paul figure out their 5k times and I'm happy to report that they both ran very well. PR's for both of them. Kelly is the PR queen!

Brian covered his walk in under 50 minutes (don't remember the exact time) and it was cool seeing him come in, boot and all.

Even though we are only half way through this year I want to say what a year it has been so far. In January I was tired, burnt out, didn't think I would continue running much longer. I just was having a hard time accepting my slower race times, and I wasn't even sure where running fit in if I wasn't going to be racing fast anymore. I let go of my coach and started feeling sorry for myself. It was then that I started listening to some of the runners around me, really listening to how much they strived for being the best they could, how they built their relationships with other runners to share the road and races with, how they all supported each other. I was really taken back, the running world didn't just exist of runners trying to qualify for the trials, trying to win every race they entered, fighting for the limited amount of prize money that floated around. It was a different perspective and it was starting to make a lot of sense to me. Running for the love of the sport, to be strong, healthly, to have races to run, but most of all friends to share it with. I was on fire again and I felt that I owned my running and not the other way around. I reset my sights and I developed a running schedule that respected my responsibilities as a mother of two children, with a great husband, a full time job, and allowed me to pursue my piano studies. It all seems to be working and although I'm always in pursuit of fast times it is not the only reason I train and step on the starting line. It's turned into much more than that.

Okay that's my race report and therapy session all in one and I'm done!

Next race Xtreme 10 Miler at Waterfall Glenn July 21st.

Peace everyone,


Monday, July 9, 2007

Training Log - July 2 thru July 8 - 2007

Monday - 9.79
11:30am. Splits 1 - 8:20, 2 - 8:14, 3 - 8:35, 4 - 8:37, 5 - 8:30, 6 - 9:01, 7 - 8:45, 8 - 8:47, 9 - 8:50, 9.79 - 5:51. 1 hr 24 min 34 sec. Waited a little too long to get out for my run and it was pretty hot but it was scheduled to be an easy run.
Tuesday - 10.1
4pm. Pilates
5pm. Hill workout in Springbrook. w^ 3, 8 x hill, 4.5 miles home. 1 hr 26 min 51 sec. HOT! Hill repeats good but after these plus the hour of pilates beforehand I was pretty slow on the way home.
Wednesday - 6.61
12:30pm. 1hr. Took it really really easy out on the praire path in Wheaton. Splits: 1 - 9:07, 2 - 8:57, 3 - 9:02, 4 - 9:05, 5 - 8:50, 6 - 9:15, 6.61 - 5:44.
Thursday - 8.46
8:46pm. Steady state run. Used the loop around my subdivision for this workout. Each loop is a tad over 2.1 miles. w^ 1 subdivision loop, 2 subdivision loops of steady state, 1 subdivision loop cool down. Splits: 1st loop 8:36, 8:18, :55; 2nd loop 7:03, 7:09, :45; 3rd loop 7:00, 7:09, :39; 4th loop 8:21, 8:48, 1:02. Would have like the steady state miles to be more like 6:50 pace but all in all things felt strong and smooth from warm up to cool down.
Friday - 6
5am. A little tired from last night's workout but not too bad. Easy pace.
Saturday - 7.58
7am Pilates
8am. run through Springbrook. Hot and hilly
Sunday - 15
5:30am. 2hrs, 1 min, 28 seconds. Miserably hot and humid. Started at 74 degree and ended up over 80. Run was work from beginning to end. Running partner had trouble with heat ( ran up and back to give him recovery time). Tough day but felt like I still stuck to it and had a quality long run. Splits: 1 - 8:46; 2 - 7:53; 3 - 8:02; 4 - 7:54; 5 - 7:57; 6 - 7:40, hit lap button by mistake 6.33 - 2:35; 7.33 - 7:50; 8.33 - 7:52; hit lap button again (ugh) 8.9 - 4:39; 9.9 - 7:48; 10.9 - 7:51; 11.9 - 8:00; Dan started running into trouble here 12.9 - 8:41; 13.9 - 8:43; 14.9 - 8:11; 15 - :56.
Weekly Summary
Total Miles: 63.7
Finally did it, I got over 60 miles in one week and I did it all without a double run all week! I felt very good on my interval days and I made sure to take recovery on my easy days by keeping the pace easy. That seemed to work very well. Anyhow I'm now at the end of a six week build up and its time for a "active" recovery week. I will put in one interval type day and a quick steady state paced 10 miler this weekend instead of a long run. I will race a 5k on thursday which will take the place of my second "interval" day. All other days I will keep the miles light and pace easy with at least one day off entirely.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Brian finishes Leadville Trail Marathon

Looks like Brian's foot held out and he was able to complete yesterday's marathon, which by the way is a bitch of a marathon! 7+ hours on his

He promises us a race report soon

Way to go Brian!

Friday, July 6, 2007

The news is in, Brian will attempt Leadville Trail Marathon

After an unexpected foot injury on June 23rd that has put fellow ChiDeads Runner Brian Gaines on the injured list it appears that Brian feels the foot has healed well enough to attempt the Leadville Trail Marathon tomorrow (July 7th)!

We all hope for the best for Brian tomorrow. Hopefully results will be up quickly at

See Brian's blog for the "drama" leading up to tomorrow's marathon.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Training Log - June 25 thru July 1 - 2007

Monday - 8
7:30pm. Hot and humid. Felt sluggish.
Tuesday - 7.5
5am. warm up 15", 4 x 20" strides, 5 x 3' (varying paces for each min) with 3' jog recovery. Finish run.
Wednesday - 6.8
5am. Tired.
Thursday - 0
Utterly exhausted. Went to bed at 8pm. Fighting off something I think, stomach/cramping issues.
Friday - 7.3 + 3.25
5am. Much better today, not the exhausted creature I was yesterday.
6pm. Felt good enough to do an easy 3+ miler. Easy pace.
Saturday - 7.42
6:50am. Ran to pilates session, after that finished off by running the preserve path. Pilates session was just okay, didn't feel very strong but run felt great.
Sunday - 15
5:30am with Dan over rolling hills. Weather was great this time around, not hot at all! Splits are:
1 - 8:52; 2- 7:54; 3 - 7:42; 4 - 7:52; 5 - 8:14; 6 - 8:15; 7 - 8:11; 8 - 7:47; 9 - 8:00; 10 - 7:40; 11 - 7:54; 12 - 8:08; 13 - 8:25; 14 - 7:49; 15 - 7:30
Weekly Summary
Total Miles: 55.27
At the beginning of the week I was totally exhuasted so I backed off on my more aggressive plan for 67ish miles for the week. I only did one double run day and that was near the end of the week after I started feeling better. I was definitely fighting something off and I had stomach issues for a number of days. I'm also not surprised by the fatigue as I have not been doing anything much over 40 miles a week for a long long time and I had been ramping up the miles pretty hard over the last few weeks. Probably time for a slight dip down. I was pleasantly suprised to still have finished in the mid 50's and I was able to get in one good speed session and one good long run which were key. I will see how next week goes and plan out my runs day by day.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jenny Garrison Wins Triathlon Nationals for 2nd Straight Year!

Training partner Jenny wins triathlon nationals again.

Congrats Jenny, I am so proud of you! You are one tough chick!
Now hurry on back because its your turn to do MY workouts with me :-)