Monday, October 11, 2010

Congrats to Mac's Pac Alumni Finishers

Congrats to all of Mac's Pac Alumni finishers at the Chicago Marathon 10-10-10.

All of our club starters finished the race in some not so nice weather conditions. Way to gut it out!
  • Ann Coles - 3:21:03
  • Laura Pearson Sanders - 3:54:16
  • Julie Snow - 4:17:49
  • Terri Costello McHugh - 4:37:21
  • Lisa Obermaier Creger 4:51:06
  • Judi Grein O'Connell - 5:23:17
  • Donna Obermaier Wilkins - 6:08:50
  • Laura Smith Newman - 6:12:04

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chicago Marathon

Good luck to all Mac's Mac Alumni club members running this Sunday at the Chicago Marathon! I will be a course marshal at the 3k mark and when release can go to catch most of you at the half, 16 mile and finish line. Smile big when you cross the line as Mac will be watching the finish line.


Club Members running:
  • Ann Coles
  • Donna Obermaier Wilkins
  • Lisa Obermaier Creger
  • Julie Snow
  • Terri Costello McHugh
  • Laura Pearson Sanders
  • Judi Grein O'Connell
  • Laura Smith Newman

Mac's Pac Alumni Club Communications

Hey everyone!
A new yahoo groups has been created for our club and the great thing about this is that in order to send out communications to everyone in the group all you have to do is send email to BUT you have to join first. Invites have been send to everyone on the contact list and by the end of this week (10/10/10) mass emails will only reach those who have joined the group.

Why a yahoo group? The original email contact I had set up doesn't like the mass emailings being sent out and would periodically freeze me out of sending mails. Eventually yahoo would have yanked the account. A yahoo group is what yahoo requires groups to use. still exists and is still the contact point for new members and can be used if you want to just specifically ask me a question. I check it ALL THE TIME.