Monday, June 23, 2008

Hard Choices lead to Best Decision - Mohican 100 Miler

Brian started his first 100 miler on Saturday on great pace but in the end succumbed to foot blisters on feet that may not have been completely healed from his last 100K on May 3rd. Attention for the blisters were taking more and more time (by medical staff and by Brian) and the pain reached a level where continuing on would have required more suffering than was reasonable. Brian still completed an admirable 52.2 miles and had to contend with some scary weather as well.

The allure of the ultra distance race. Formidable challenges with NO guarantees. Hats off to Brian and his first attempt. We are all proud of you!

As my old coach used to say:
"Live to race another day."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brian going for his first 100 Miler

I guess running a 100K is not enough for Brian as he will be participating in his first 100 miler this weekend (June 21-22). This boy has caught the ultra bug BAD and it sure has been fun following all his ultra adventures. This one should be the best one yet!

Go to his blog to read on what led Brian to sign up for this event.

See to view the race website.

As usual I will be sending "run fast and free" vibes out to Brian everytime I think of him and hopefully I will be able to track his progress with his new SPOT GPS toy. :-)

Best wishes to Brian and his crew support Kelly.