Friday, September 4, 2009

American Grands!

Kyla and I will be participating in American Grands this coming January and I'm so excited! This is a grand piano event and it's grand in every sense of the word! You sign up for your level of playing, you get your music, practice, then come together for rehearsals. Each piece is performed on 12 grand pianos with two or more people per piano. There is a conductor leading. It's like an orchestra of pianos! This is going to be a blast! I will be performing with my teacher.

Text and photo below taken from
Since 1994, Cordogan's has donated the use of 12 grand pianos for an annual
fundraising concert called American Grands, in which over
300 piano students of all ages -- and from all over Chicagoland -- get to
perform alongside their peers and teachers. This concert is always completely
sold out and helps benefit Elgin Community College's Visual & Performing
Arts Center.

If you haven't experienced the power of music lately, thirty seconds of
sitting in this audience will remind you. Seeing children as young as 7 years
old wearing tuxedos or sequined gowns while gaining the unique stage experience
at the hands of over 1000 concertgoers is a most memorable site!

Over 300 performers sharing twelve grand pianos is the essence of the
Cordogan's sponsored "American Grands" concert annually held at Elgin Community College.


Jennifer (Horwath) Fuerholzer said...

Who would have thought that as the nostalgic bug caught me, I would find you still running? Just as you inspired me in high school, the inspiration continues. I'm getting a new pair of running shoes this week! Mac always said he knew he was successful if his athletes kept running...that must be why he is still coaching. Man, he must be old! Best of luck with your training and 2010 races. I'm going to keep checking in to ensure the shoes get some miles!

RunnerGirl said...

Hi Jenny!! Always nice to hear from you. I don't post to this blog very much, especially when racing season is over. Get on facebook and connect with me there!!